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Dear Colleagues,

Happy Doctors’ Day!

Our physicians are the heart and soul of PAGNY. Whether you treat patients in a hospital, clinic or congregate setting, we are grateful to have such dedicated physicians who have chosen to spend their careers helping New Yorkers in communities across the city.

In the past few years, this day has taken on even more meaning as physicians everywhere have fought against the immediate impact of the pandemic, the lasting effects from infection, and the disruptions to routine and preventive care throughout our communities. Your tireless hard work and deep commitment to delivering healthcare to our patients who include New York City’s most vulnerable serves as a profound reminder that, even when faced with the most challenging situation of our generation, it is ultimately physicians who, with grace and compassion under extreme conditions, provide the knowledge, experience, foresight and optimism that steers us to safety as we navigate our new reality.

The respect and value you engender goes far beyond any words we can provide but, still, this Doctor’s Day is a perfect opportunity to honor and recognize you with a small gift that represents our deep appreciation for your work taking care of others. This year, our special physician gift is a top-of-the-line neck massager that we hope brings some additional relaxation and stress relief while also serving as a reminder to take care of yourselves. We are also providing a lunch or another meal based on your facility leadership’s expressed interests. Hopefully, next year, we can see each other in person for a more formal Doctor’s Day celebration.

Thank you for your commitment to our patients, our colleagues, and our profession.

With warm regards,

Richard Becker, MD

Chief Executive Officer

Physician Affiliate Group of New York