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Over the past few months, we’ve rolled out a new look and feel across our social media and branded communications. In conjunction with the launch of our new website, we’re proud to share this comprehensive suite of PAGNY resources and guides on how to use them.

PAGNY Promise

We provide accountable, responsive, quality care with the highest degree of sensitivity to the needs of the multicultural population that lives in our New York community.

PAGNY Guiding Principles

We’ve codified our commitment to our providers, our partners, and the communities that we serve in our nine new Guiding Principles. You'll find these Guiding Principles woven into every page on our new website. For the full list, visit Our commitment.

Tools and Templates

We’ve created a brand toolkit—complete with our new logos, easy-to-use Microsoft Word and PowerPoint templates, and screen savers—that you can use to create official documents and communications and personalize your desktop.

Click the links to download:

New logo

Pagny brand logo

We’ve updated our logo with a contemporary font and new color palette to reflect our commitment to cutting-edge medicine and technology and compassionate care.

New color palette

To solidify our new brand identity, we’ve also refreshed our color palette! You may have already seen new colors PAGNY Persimmon and PAGNY Charcoal debut on social media, recruitment flyers, and our Fall edition of PAGNY ONE.

Pagny brand color 2x

PAGNY Persimmon evokes the warmth and care our providers show to our patients every day, while PAGNY Charcoal and PAGNY Concrete evoke the built architecture of New York City.

Extended palette for the web

Pagny brand color extended 2x

Our extended palette for the web helps us make our web-based content stand out. In addition to a slightly darker shade of PAGNY Persimmon for AA contrast compliant small text, we’ve created PAGNY Black, PAGNY Dark Concrete, PAGNY Light Concrete, PAGNY Background, and PAGNY Light Persimmon.

New type

Pagny brand type 2x

Top: Söhne by Klim Type Foundry. Bottom: Franklin Gothic by American Type Founders Collection.

Our official brand type is Söhne by Klim Type Foundry, while our Microsoft Office brand type is Franklin Gothic Book. These two fonts are contemporary, sans-serif fonts that reflect our commitment to cutting-edge medicine and technology. You'll use fonts from the Franklin Gothic family when creating documents in MS Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook. Recruitment flyers, banners, and other communications will appear in Söhne.

New graphic styles (maps, infographics)

Pagny graphics 01 2x
Pagny graphics 02 2x

We’ve created infographics that highlight what makes us different from other health care systems.

Signature guidance

We’ve created a new email signature that incorporates our lockup and brand colors, PAGNY Persimmon and PAGNY Charcoal. Use Franklin Gothic Book to create your signature.

Pagny email signature 2x

1. Name, pronouns, and title

Set your full name in 18pt PAGNY Persimmon. Set your pronouns and title in 11.5pt PAGNY Charcoal.

2. PAGNY lockup

Insert artwork for the PAGNY horizontal lockup (found in the identity assets above) at 2.5 inches wide.

3. Contact information

Set contact information in 11.5pt Charcoal

4. Social links

Set in 11.5pt Charcoal with "PAGNY" in Persimmon for small text. Help us promote our social media with underlined links to our Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

5. Spacing

Insert two blank lines of space between each of the elements above.


PAGNY 030922 0130 Kings County
PAGNY 071922 Jacobi 0056
PAGNY 071922 Jacobi 0541
PAGNY 030922 0275 Kings County
PAGNY 092822 0584 Metropolitan
PAGNY 092822 0301 Metropolitan
PAGNY 030922 0520 Kings County
PAGNY 081222 Lincoln 0563

Our commitment to our providers, partners, and patients is nowhere more evident than in our new photography direction. We would be nothing without our people, which is why our photography focuses on real moments of compassionate care and collegial camaraderie between patients and providers. You’ll see these and other photographs throughout our new website and other communications to come!