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We promote excellence in research by sponsoring initiatives led by our professionals.

About Research at PAGNY

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We support our physicians and allied health professionals by investing in their groundbreaking research efforts and well-being. Our providers have numerous opportunities to participate in PHRF-sponsored and other research projects.

Through PAGNY's research grants, physicians can conduct cutting-edge population health research and other investigations to enhance the health of all people in the diverse communities of New York City. We also protect physicians so that they can continue to provide high-quality care to our most marginalized neighbors.

Our researchers also investigate the factors that contribute to physicians’ wellness. We use our findings to implement innovative programs that improve our providers' ability to deliver the best patient care in the most difficult of circumstances.

Current grants: P50 provides funding to identify early-stage PAGNY investigators for research PI training. IGNITE (Interdisciplinary Guided Network for Investigation, Translation, and Equity) gives funding to physicians who conduct research and create projects that improve community health care.

If you have questions related to research at PAGNY, please contact:

Xiomara Rivera

Current Research Projects

A Paradoxical Relationship Between COVID-19 and LDL Cholesterol

Adhya Mehta, MD

Dr. Mehta, an Internal Medicine resident at H+H/Jacobi, and her team noticed a correlation between lower LDL levels and in-hospital death due to COVID-19. For investigating, explaining, and operationalizing the paradox, Dr. Mehta and her research team won first prize at PAGNY's 7th Annual Research Day.

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NYC Teen Options to Prevent Pregnancy

Chinyere Anyaogu, MD, MPH, FACOG

Dr. Anyaogu, Deputy Chief Medical Officer of H+H/Jacobi and North Central Bronx, is currently conducting a study about teen pregnancy prevention in New York City. Though results cannot be discussed, Dr. Anyaogu indicated the study will change how care is provided at H+H hospitals.

Understanding Family Dynamics of Obesity

Farbod Raiszadeh, MD, PhD

Dr. Raiszadeh and his team at H+H/Harlem studied the relationship between parent and child weight trajectories using a multi-step matching algorithm. For their research, Dr. Raiszadeh and his team won second prize at PAGNY's 7th Annual Research Day.

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Remote Mental Health Care for Children and Adolescents

Angelica De La Fuente, PsyD

Dr. De La Fuente of H+H/Lincoln led a study on the impact of telehealth on mental health treatment engagement on young patients in the Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Services (CAPS) Department during the COVID-19 pandemic. For her work, she won third prize at PAGNY's 7th Annual Research Day.

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Raj Tiwari

Raj Tiwari leads H+H/Metropolitan's research Novel Immunotherapies in Malignant Melanoma. The two-year study is designed as a resident training program.