The PAGNY Health & Research Foundation, Inc. (PHRF) is a not-for-profit organization created in 2016 to help physicians conduct cutting edge population health research and other investigations to enhance the health of all people in the diverse communities of New York City. The PHRF also works to protect our most precious commodity -- physicians -- so they can continue to provide high quality care to our most marginalized neighbors. The PHRF researches investigate the factors that contribute to physicians’ wellness and implements innovative programs to enhance their ability to provide the best patient care in the hardest of circumstances. PAGNY physicians and allied health professionals provide high quality, comprehensive health care in the city’s public hospitals to the more than 1.8 million New Yorkers who fall below the poverty line and who have little or no health insurance. Along with quality care, these physicians have been pioneers in the search for a treatment for pediatric AIDs prevention, effective trauma procedures, and so much more.


The purpose of the PHRF is to increase the well-being of our physicians and support their efforts to do research and outreach so that the people they serve receive optimal healthcare.


The strategic plan for PHRF aims to further the following organizational vision:


In next decade, PAGNY Health & Research Foundation will become a leader in safety net physician well-being programs, where our physicians don’t only survive, but thrive in the complicated health care system. PHRF will be leading efforts to support research in communities of color, so their treatments can be individualized for their ethnic and genetic differences from the majority population.  PHRF will be a community champion in bringing various community stakeholders together to increase health equity in the neighborhoods PAGNY serves.

What we do

·  Seek funding to support the research priorities of our physicians to study population health.


·  Provide programming to enhance the wellness of our health provider workforce through education, engagement opportunities, and leadership training.


·  Advocate for the underserved populations to receive the best healthcare and to improve the health of future generations.


PHRF Highlights:

·  Assisted PAGNY physician, Dr. Chinyere Anyaogu, to win a multi-million dollar grant to provide teen options for pregnancy prevention

·  Received funding to train barbers to educate customers on HIV testing and provide referrals

·  Received funding to implement a youth leadership program as an alternative to violent behavior

·  Funded Physician Wellness Centers in two hospitals and have plans for more in the future

·  Developed a leadership program for physicians to enhance their abilities to lead staff to provide the best health care

·  Started a mindfulness training course for individual PAGNY staff well-being

·  Held the most successful Research Day on October 30th with our highest number of abstract submissions (68) and our highest number of attendees



Contact us with questions, comments, or if you would like to partner with our Foundation on your research! We want to hear from you!

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