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Dr A Mc Millan

Dr. Adrienne McMillan, Deputy Chief Medical Officer, NYC Health + Hospitals/Gotham Health

PAGNY is proud to introduce our Deputy Chief Medical Officer at NYC Health + Hospitals/Gotham Health, Dr. Adrienne McMillan. As the Deputy Chief Medical Officer, Dr. McMillan is responsible for all medical professional affairs—from evaluating, assessing, and credentialing providers to leading the provider team—and is transforming the way care is delivered throughout the Gotham Health enterprise. Dr. McMillan will also continue as the acting Medical Director of the Cumberland and North Brooklyn sites.

When she first entered this role, Dr. McMillan began by learning more about Gotham Health and the quality of care the enterprise provided to communities across the five boroughs. She has already found numerous ways to standardize and optimize operations to improve healthcare delivery. “The goal is to be more effective and more efficient,” says Dr. McMillian.

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Her previous experience as the interim Medical Director of Cumberland and North Brooklyn prepared her for the task. When asked to step in two years ago, Dr. McMillan’s focus necessarily shifted from setting new standards for quality care to implementing those standards. As a facility leader and liaison, Dr. McMillan traveled between neighborhood health centers and larger sites: “Our neighborhood sites are smaller by design. In this role, I have been able to make sure that information filters down completely and we are able to implement the same standards and best practices as the larger sites.”

“I want rock stars who choose to serve this patient population beside me.”

Dr. Adrienne McMillan

Deputy Chief Medical Officer, NYC Health + Hospitals/Gotham Health

Under the direction of Dr. McMillan, Cumberland and North Brooklyn have seen steady increases in key performance indicators, such as quality and productivity. Gotham Health’s neighborhood sites are unique, as they are focused on providing and increasing access to quality primary care services to underserved communities. As Dr. McMillan puts it, “We provide healthcare where people live.”

For Dr. McMillan, patient needs come first. “Our patients deserve providers who choose to be here,” says Dr. McMillan. She explains that her passion for serving a diverse patient population is what led her to public health, NYC Health + Hospitals, and PAGNY. “The missions had to be aligned for the partnership between NYC Health + Hospitals and PAGNY to work,” says Dr. McMillan. “PAGNY provides the healthcare professionals that choose to be here.”