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Lori Mercado

Lori Mercado, Residency/Fellowship Relationship Manager

PAGNY: When did you start at PAGNY?

Mercado: I began at PAGNY in November 2022.

PAGNY: Where did you work before PAGNY?

Mercado: Most recently I worked at Westchester Medical Center, the academic teaching hospital affiliated with New York Medical College. Prior to that, I worked in the private NYC hospital system: New York Presbyterian (Columbia & Cornell) and Mount Sinai. I also spent a few years at Rutgers in New Jersey. In all of these roles, I worked coordinating surgical residency and fellowship programs.

PAGNY: What is your new role here and why do you think it’s important to our success?

Mercado: My new role here at PAGNY is as the Residency/Fellowship Relationship Manager, where my primary focus is outreach to current H+H trainees. Although they work in the system, many of them are unfamiliar with PAGNY and what an integral role we play in the recruitment of the faculty they work with throughout their training. So, I love being the liaison that familiarizes them with the many opportunities, and amazing benefits we offer. As for the importance of the role, the fact that these trainees are already in our system shows their dedication and passion for NYC's underserved patient populations. This passion is integral for ensuring that vulnerable patients get the best treatment and care possible!

PAGNY: Why do you like working at PAGNY?

Mercado: First and foremost, I love the recruitment team. Although I've only been here for a short time, I am so very grateful for the opportunity to work with such a great group! Lea, our Talent Acquisition Director, is excellent and has put together a strong team that she leads with kindness and proficiency. We have a diverse group that cares about their individual roles. They're down-to-earth, helpful, and incredibly knowledgeable. I strongly believe any physician looking for a job is lucky to have our recruiters advocating for them. In addition, I too have a passion for NYC's underserved populations. Being a first-generation Dominican American born and raised in Washington Heights, I was very much part of this population growing up and I still have family living/working in the inner city that relies on the NYC H+H Hospital System for their care. Any opportunity to use my professional experience and abilities to assist them is incredibly gratifying.

PAGNY: What do you like to do in your spare time?

Mercado: My spare time is primarily consumed by my two toddlers. We do a lot of reading, playing, coloring, and cartoons. In addition, there are a lot of trips to playgrounds, farms, zoos, and aquariums. When I do have some time to myself, I try and enjoy some age-appropriate television and reading. My absolute favorite thing to do is head into the city to watch Broadway shows! I try and drag my husband as often as I can (at least two times a year). We also enjoy traveling and can't wait until our littles are out of diapers so we can travel the world with them!