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Joseph Monteleone

Joseph Monteleone, Director of Benefits Operations and Strategy.

Joseph Monteleone is the Director of Benefits Operations and Strategy at PAGNY. Joe joined PAGNY seven years ago, when he was offered the opportunity to build the benefits department and programs for PAGNY members and their families from the ground up. Before PAGNY, Joe spent 23 years working in the benefits departments of other healthcare organizations, such as Montefiore Health Systems, NYU Langone, and the Hospital for Special Surgery. This year, Joe celebrates his 7th PAGNY-versary!

In honor of Healthcare Human Resources week, we sat down with Joe to learn more about his career motivations and his interest in healthcare human resources. Here's what he had to say.

What is the most rewarding aspect of your job?

Helping PAGNY members. PAGNY offers excellent benefits, and working with individuals to understand those benefits so they and their families can fully utilize them is very rewarding.

PAGNY is proud to offer our professionals generous benefits that empower them to provide meaningful service to New York City's diverse population. Thank you, Joe, for your seven years of dedication to PAGNY!