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January is National Mentoring Month, as President Biden announced at the start of 2023: “Every January, our Nation celebrates the dedicated mentors whose wisdom, guidance, and positive examples set our children on a sound path and help prepare them to succeed.” We believe that mentorship is just as crucial for healthcare professionals, which is why PAGNY offers support and growth opportunities throughout one’s career path.

PAGNY’s commitment to mentorship includes leadership development opportunities to our professionals at all stages of their career. In our Leadership Development Program, nominated candidates enter an all-encompassing leadership module to improve current skills and ensure success in future openings for leadership roles. In 2022, PAGNY physician Dr. Sundari Periasamy completed the program as an Attending Physician at NYC H+H/Harlem, where she has subsequently been promoted to Associate Chief of Pediatrics. Recent graduates, like Dr. Periasamy, have leveraged PAGNY’s training and mentorship into positions of greater responsibility and leadership.

Other recent PAGNY development opportunities have included:

  • The Quality Academy, a 6-month program that nurtures emerging leaders in quality improvement (QI), open to all clinical and non-clinical employess with an interest in QI.

  • Healthcare Administration Scholars Program (HASP), a 20-month program that equips residents with both quality and general leadership skills.

  • GNYHA/UHF Clinical Quality Fellowship Program, a 15-month program focused on building QI capacity by making clinical leaders out of physicians, nurses, NPs, and PAs.

  • Clinical Leadership Fellowship (CLF), a 12-month program for physicians that teaches skills to advance hospital strategic priorities, QI, and population health initiatives.

Mentorship is a key component to development at all career stages in healthcare, where complex and challenging situations require knowledge, cooperation, and support. Mentors invest time, attention, and energy, and they connect with and guide their colleagues through both professional and personal journeys. Studies have demonstrated the reciprocal power of mentorship, with the relationship benefiting both participants. Some experts even define mentorship as a partnership.

We recognize that effective mentorship requires structural support, which is why PAGNY invests in the education and resources necessary to develop your career. Whether joining us early on or later in your professional journey, we will help prepare you to excel.


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National Mentoring Month