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Selwena Brewster, MD, MBA, Associate Chief Medical Officer, NYC Health + Hospitals/Kings County

We are honored to celebrate Dr. Selwena Brewster, MBA, one of the 13 exceptional Physician Affiliate Group of New York, P.C. (PAGNY) doctors recognized by NYC Health + Hospitals for their outstanding dedication to patient care at the 2024 Annual Doctors’ Day Celebration last month. Dr. Brewster, the Associate Chief Medical Officer at NYC Health + Hospitals/Kings County, has consistently demonstrated a profound commitment to excellence and compassion in healthcare.

Dr. Brewster's believes that patients deserve three things: "safe care, the highest quality of care, and genuine kindness." This guiding principle is not only a reflection of her professional ethos but also a testament to the high standards she sets in her practice.

Dr. Brewster's dedication to healthcare is deeply rooted in her family legacy. She proudly shares, "I am the proud daughter of a retired NYC Health and Hospitals nurse administrator. My mother served the Harlem community for more than 25 years. Serving is in my blood." This deep-seated commitment to service is evident in every aspect of her work.

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Dr. Brewster interacts with colleagues in the NYC Health + Hospitals/Kings County emergency room.

As a dual-boarded emergency and internal medicine doctor with a physician executive MBA, Dr. Brewster brings a unique blend of clinical expertise and leadership acumen to her role. Her passion lies in the implementation of innovative yet sustainable workflows in the clinical setting, always with a focus on safety, quality, and enhancing the care experience.

Currently, Dr. Brewster leads Hospital Risk Management and Hospital Physician Peer Review and works collaboratively with Patient Safety and Quality teams. Her multifaceted role allows her to impact various aspects of patient care, ensuring that the highest standards are consistently met.

We are incredibly proud to have Dr. Selwena Brewster as part of PAGNY. Her relentless pursuit of excellence and her genuine kindness in patient care embody the values we hold dear. Join us in celebrating Dr. Brewster's remarkable achievements and her continued dedication to delivering outstanding patient care.

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