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We continue to celebrate Black History Month with PAGNY features. This week, we honor Donna M. Thomas, Chief Compliance and Risk Officer of PAGNY. Donna is the epitome of a PAGNY leader. As a registered nurse with a BSN, an MBA, and a Certificate in Healthcare Compliance, Donna lends both her perspective as a health care provider and her business acumen to the PAGNY Executive Leadership team every day.

Donna Thomas BHM

Donna M. Thomas, Chief Compliance and Risk Officer at PAGNY.

We sat down with Donna to learn more about her experience as a Black medical provider and executive. Here’s what she had to say:

PAGNY: Why is Black representation in medical professionals important?

Donna: Black representation in health care is needed to balance health care inequity. Minorities have been underserved in medicine overall. If there are more minority physicians, patients of the same race identify with them, have a higher level of trust in the care they provide, and have better outcomes.

PAGNY: Which Black historical figures inspire you and your work the most?

Donna: Mary Seacole- she spent her whole nursing career fighting to overcome racial, social, and economic injustice in the Nursing profession in an effort to attain proper and professional healthcare education. Mary Eliza Mahoney, who co-founded the National Associated for Colored Graduate Nurses (NACGN) because of racial discrimination in not accepting Black nurses in the predominately white Nurses Associated Alumnae (later known as the American Nurses Association).

PAGNY: What advice would you give to the next generation of Black medical providers?

Donna: Be limitless. If it’s a challenge, it’s worth it!

PAGNY: Why PAGNY? Why did you choose to work at PAGNY?

Donna: I chose PAGNY because I wanted to contribute to a growing medical group whose impact is felt throughout New York City. PAGNY’s mission and vision align with my interest in serving all New Yorkers.

Donna Thomas exemplifies the “for providers, by providers” spirit that makes PAGNY stand out from comparable health care systems. We are thankful for the leadership and expertise she brings to the PAGNY Executive Leadership team.


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