pagny Testimonials

Alexie Puran

I am proud to serve as an Attending Physician in the Pediatric Emergency Medicine for PAGNY at NYC Health + Hospitals/ Harlem and upholding the mission and values of NYC Health + Hospitals, the largest public health care system in the country. As a child, I suffered from asthma and received my care at NYC Health + Hospitals. I understand the importance and the vital role NYC Health + Hospitals has in the lives of over one million New Yorkers cared for annually.

Our team in the Pediatric Emergency Department strives for excellence and provides safe quality care for all our pediatric patients. We have been successful in improving the patient experience with several initiatives including AcceleratED Care (a new patient flow system which decreases our patients left without being seen), Harlem Reads (a program which promotes the creation of a reading culture with every patient receiving a new age appropriate book) and the installation of the Keith Haring wall decal produced by RxArt in partnership with the Keith Haring Foundation (a vibrant mesmerizing drawing by the late renowned artist Keith Haring greets patients and families as they arrive promoting a child-friendly environment).

PAGNY provides leadership and support in helping me to deliver excellent care in the Pediatric Emergency Department. With PAGNY’s Health and Research Foundation, I have been working to improve children and families taking control of their asthma and their overall quality of life. My participation with PAGNY’s six-month Physician Leadership Development Program will help to transform my continued professional and personal growth.

I am truly grateful, appreciative and blessed in having the opportunity in making positive impacts to my community. I was honored after hearing these words from one of my mentors, “A child of our system now leading our system.”

Rosy Thachil

Dr. Rosy Thachil, Cardiologist for PAGNY at NYC Health + Hospitals/Jacobi, foresees a very optimistic future working with PAGNY.

"As a junior attending, this has been an incredible place to learn and grow. As the Associate CCU Director, I have had the opportunity to grow my skills as a physician leader in various capacities, both medical and administrative. Daily, I have the opportunity to take care of high acuity patients, as well as teach residents, students, and fellows. I am also able to work closely with the nursing and critical care departments for our ongoing quality and performance improvement initiatives.

Last year, I also had the opportunity to partake in PAGNY’s Physician Leadership Development program, which advanced my understanding of the leadership skills and approaches necessary for success.

Looking to the future, I hope to help further develop our cardiac intensive care unit in conjunction with our projected PCI program".

She also has some advice for future doctors and residents:

"Medicine is a long and arduous path, but ultimately if you find a hospital, specialty, and practice style that aligns with your values, you will be incredibly fulfilled. It is particularly important to have strong mentorship along the way, and also to pay it forward.
Always give back.

Grow and learn every day, even after medical school and formal training."

Maryann Popiel

As the Chair of the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at NYC Health + Hospitals/Jacobi and NYC Health + Hospitals/North Central Bronx,  we have a huge service. That is one of the pleasures of working in our system. 

PAGNY provides leadership training to help our physicians develop their skills. Because we are in a public hospital we have a role in setting public health policy. You feel - because you are - making a change in the world when you work with us.  

We are very mission driven. We offer a full game of psychiatrist services, but each of our sites offer something a little different. Jacobi has a CPEP (Comprehensive Psychiatric Emergency Program) and at North Central Bronx we have a free standing psychiatric emergency room that is separate and distinct from the regular emergency room.

25% of all the inpatient beds at Jacobi are devoted to psychiatry and close to 50% of the beds at NCB are devoted to psychiatry. So between the two of our hospitals we are the largest safety net provider of psychiatrist services in the Bronx.


Chinyere Anyaogu

My passion is for driving change and healthcare quality improvement,” Dr. Anyaogu says. “I believe you lead by doing.

PAGNY has enormous potential to have a significant impact on the population we serve — it’s so diverse and in need of the services we render. Any way to participate on that level will be an honor.

Edward Chew

As the Chief of Emergency Medicine at PAGNY for NYC Health + Hospitals/Harlem, we focus on providing excellent care for each patient who walks in the door.  Many of our patients are underserved and under or uninsured. Working within this community provides immense job satisfaction.

I am motivated everyday by my team in the emergency department. We are truly working in a team environment. Everyone has the same goal of providing the best care possible to every patient. My team is motivated by working together and on improving the department as a whole. Our improvements focus on education to our residents and nursing colleagues, and monitoring and lowering stroke and cardiac MI numbers.

As for Harlem, the hospital maintains a close knit family feel.  I think this is why the people stay at Harlem and our patients are loyal to the hospital and the family environment.

PAGNY is a provider-centric organization, geared towards the doctors, PAs, NPs and other healthcare professionals on staff.  The leadership has an open door policy and is always looking for ways to improve the company and bring it to the next level in healthcare delivery.

Vimala Ramasamy

According to the Chief of Medicine Dr. Vimala Ramasamy, “North Central Bronx is a patient friendly hospital, our patients move out of town and return to NCB to be seen by their Primary Care providers”. 

"Our community is expanding, and our patients remain loyal, our physicians remain dedicated, every day we go above and beyond to meet the needs of our patients.  Our staff is collegial, there is a sense of a family unit that extends itself to our patient population.  

NCB provides top quality care for its patients, focus is on Continuous Improvements through Quality Improvement projects. We have had great successes, notably, our patients can have same day mammography screening, as well as diabetes preventive care. This would not be possible without our QI projects".

Ronnie Swift

As the Chief of Psychiatry for PAGNY at NYC Health + Hospital/ Metropolitan, I am proud to provide excellent care to a population with unique and profound needs. We care for a number of patients with significant psycho-social stressors-many of whom are homeless or lack basic funding for their medical care. For this group, how we provide care makes a profound difference to their quality of life.

For instance, we make each appointment as comprehensive as possible, understanding that our patients don’t have as many opportunities to have their needs evaluated as the general population might. We also have interdisciplinary teams-breaking traditional roles- to bring the care to the patient instead of having the patient go to multiple places to receive care. This means we can provide care for depression in the primary care clinics, or provide substance abuse treatment to patients while hospitalized on medical or other inpatient services. No opportunity to deliver comprehensive care is wasted.

For me, transforming the patient experience for a group that has traditionally been shortchanged by the healthcare system is a truly motivating opportunity. The fact that PAGNY is a mission-driven physician-run organization is, I believe, what makes this challenging task possible. We approach change at our facilities with a practitioner’s eye, and simultaneously advocate for healthcare providers and patients. I can see that our unique approach is really affecting our patients’ lives for the better, which is deeply gratifying and motivating.