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Dear Colleague,

Today marks PAGNY’s 10th anniversary. It is the culmination of a decade’s worth of growth and
evolution of your Physician Affiliate Group of New York. PAGNY was officially incorporated on August 26,
2010. This started us on the road that has led to becoming one of the largest groups of physicians and
allied health professionals in the country and has collectively served millions of New Yorkers who rely on
the city’s public hospitals to keep them and their families healthy.

Over these 10 years, PAGNY has come to symbolize the best in quality health care because at its root
PAGNY is you, and you are PAGNY. It is your mission-driven approach to serving New Yorkers regardless
of their ability to pay and your quality patient care that is a model for the profession. We look to make
this continued evolution stronger in our tenth year and beyond.

To commemorate this historical moment, a noted historian has written a book chronicling PAGNY’s first
ten years – which is available here for a donation to the PAGNY Health and Research Foundation. The
book records the tumultuous circumstances that led to PAGNY’s formation and first few years as we
established an entity different from any that had previously existed in New York’s public hospital
system. Meanwhile, over the last ten days we have highlighted anecdotes from the book on PAGNY’s
Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. In celebration of our future, over the next ten days we will
be featuring stories from current providers representing the PAGNY that we are still building. And, we
will be in touch during this time about a gift that highlights the deepening commitment we have to all
our Providers.

While we have gone through a difficult period in the past few months, together we are determined to
move forward from this anniversary to continue to provide quality care to New Yorkers for years to


Bijan Safai, MD, DSc
President, Board of Directors

Luis R. Marcos, MD
Chief Executive Officer