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PAGNY Physician Leadership Development Program 2020 Graduation


PAGNY recently held a graduation for the physicians who participate in the PAGNY Physician Leadership Development Program.

Each year, PAGNY provide leadership development training to two cohorts of between 20-25 emerging physician leaders from across seven of New York City’s public hospitals and a number of their affiliated clinics. We celebrate their strengths and round out their skill sets in order to make them leaders of hospital-wide collaborations and communities of change agents.

PAGNY’s emerging leaders come from medical and dental specialties. Physicians and dentists are either newly appointed chiefs of service, or physicians and dentists who are considered by their leaders as high potentials. They bring a wide variety of clinical and life experiences that adds to the richness of our program. Emerging leaders build internal networks with physicians from their home-based hospitals and across PAGNY affiliated hospitals and/or clinics. Each emerging leader is selected with support from the facility’s Chief Medical Officers.


“I feel there was a great need for me to take this course which helped me to learn more about the different roles of a physician. A physician’s job is not to provide only the medical care to patient, but also participate in projects as a leader to bring a change in the quality of care provided to our patients.​”

Dr. Zu Fashan about The “Physician Leadership Development Program”.