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PAGNY Announces Paperless Payroll System to Increase Human Resource Efficiencies

PAGNY and Paycom

PAGNY is pleased to announce that we have moved to a new paperless payroll service system that will greatly increase the ability of PAGNY employees to access their personal information.

PAGNY is partnering with Paycom, a human capital management system that helps companies manage the complete employment life cycle, from recruitment to retirement. Paycom uses cloud-based technology so that updates are done in real time and employee are always able to access their most current information.

The Paycom system will enable employees to obtain their pay information, time and leave balances, and benefits information at any time, as well as to upload documentation and view training and education presentations and videos.

In the new system, employees will submit their time through electronic timesheets. This will be done through any computer or mobile device with internet access at www.paycom.com or Paycom’s phone app. Employees will also be able to retrieve their pay history, make address changes, update emergency contact info, review their deductions and update their tax information.

PAGNY and the Paycom staff provided onsite training at each of the facilities on how to use the new system. For employees who weren’t available to attend a training session and would like assistance in navigating the system, please contact your local PAGNY office and our HR and payroll teams will walk you through it.

PAGNY is excited to partner with Paycom and we are confident it will lead to more efficient processes and an enhanced employee experience.