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NYC Health + Hospitals Celebrates PAGNY Physicians for National Doctors’ Day

New York City Health + Hospitals honored 10 PAGNY doctors for National Doctors’ Day for their dedication to their profession and their patients. The PAGNY doctors were among 25 physicians honored at the event, held Tuesday, May 9th.

“Today, we take time out to celebrate 25 outstanding physicians from diverse disciplines and practices who are representative of the thousands of other highly skilled and mission-driven physicians across our broad system,” said Stan Brezenoff, Health +Hospitals Interim President and Chief Executive Officer, and Dr. Machelle Allen, Health +Hospitals Chief Medical Officer.

“Though working in diverse areas of medicine, each of these innovative caregivers has in common a fierce dedication to our patients’ health and well-being. We are grateful our doctors have chosen the path of public health. We salute them and offer them our deepest appreciation on Doctors’ Day 2017.”

The PAGNY physicians honored were:

Dr. Arthur R. Dove


Dr. Arthur R. Dove, Attending Physician, NYC Health + Hospitals/Gotham Health, Sydenham. Dr. Dove was a leader in creating Sydenham’s “Nirvana” program, a new care-delivery model that has won praise from patients and administrators. His team is credited with improving patient care, focusing on timely appointments and expediting patient flow. Dr. Dove has worked in the city’s public health system since 1989, when he was a resident at NYC Health + Hospitals/ Harlem.

Dr. Svetlana Kalimulina


Dr. Svetlana Kalimulina, Attending Physician, NYC Health + Hospitals/Correctional Health. Dr. Kalimulina’s clinical expertise, curiosity and caring are essential to serving the vulnerable and ill patient population in the Rikers Island North Infirmary Command, which draws the sickest patients from among the 55,000 annual admissions to the jails. She is considered a leader among her peers, taking ownership of her patients and advocating on their behalf. She is known for her clinical knowledge and meticulous approach, which have led to countless breakthroughs in diagnosis and management among chronically ill patients.

Dr. Marie M. Alzi-Greene


Dr. Marie M. Alzi-Greene, OD, Optometrist, NYC Health + Hospitals/ Gotham Health, Belvis. Dr. Alzi-Greene has launched innovations to improve eye care and procedures to coordinate her discipline within the Belvis structure. Fluent in four languages, she is known for her compassion and dedication for her work with pediatric to geriatric patients. She has also developed a template to improve eye care scheduling for school age children visiting Belvis. In addition, she has also participated in outreach programs for eye care in Mexico, Nicaragua and Haiti.

Dr. Iosif Fradlis


Dr. Iosif Fradlis, Director, Behavioral Medicine and Integrated Care Department of Behavioral Health, NYC Health + Hospitals/Coney Island. Dr. Fradlis has championed the implementation of the ground-breaking evidenced-based treatment of depression and anxiety using the “Collaborative Care” model. Using his skills and motivational interviewing techniques, he organized group therapy visits by gender and language to help patients with problem-solving skills in the context of their depression. He has also been at the forefront of maternal depression screening and was instrumental in developing pathways for the program before it was implemented system-wide.

Dr. Matthew K. Hurley


Dr. Matthew K. Hurley, Attending Emergency Room Physician, NYC Health + Hospitals/Harlem. Dr. Hurley was nominated for this honor posthumously. He died Dec. 9, 2016, after a more than 30-year affiliation with NYC Health + Hospitals/Harlem. He was known for his humility, generosity, compassion and emphasis on patient care. At the time of his death, he was First Vice President and Executive Director of the Doctors’ Council, SEIU, and Chairman of its Patient Care Program. He also served as medical director of Harlem’s Smoking Cessation Program. He contributed articles to the New England Journal of Medicine and often visited Harvard Medical School to learn about the latest research in emergency and internal medicine.

Dr. Nermica Sarcevic


Dr. Nermica Sarcevic, Director Inpatient Psychiatry, NYC Health + Hospitals/Jacobi. Dr. Sarcevic is known for her enthusiastic devotion to patients, staff and medical students. Innovation is her hallmark. Her protocols have reduced inpatient length of stay and readmissions. She was responsible for synthesizing a suicide-risk scaling protocol. She is also known for her innovative teaching style at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, where she serves as an associate professor. Many of her students have become interns and residents at Jacobi.

Dr. Moiz Mansur Kasubhai


Dr. Moiz Mansur Kasubhai, MRCP, Associate Chief of Medicine and Chief Hospitalist, NYC Health + Hospitals/Lincoln. Dr. Kasubhai is recognized for his professionalism and dedication to patient care as well as his focus on medical education for young physicians. He was the Associate Program Director of Internal Medicine residency at Lincoln and also a member of the Patient Experience Team and the Radiology Experience Team.

Dr. Jason S. Mack


Dr. Jason S. Mack, FAAP, Director, Pediatrics Ambulatory Care, NYC Health + Hospitals/Metropolitan. Dr. Mack is known for conducting “Teddy Bear” clinics for his young patients. He is considered a pediatrics leader and his innovative curriculum is a model for his residents. Under his leadership, Metropolitan has achieved PCMH Level 3 designation, an improved continuity rate for patients and “Honor Roll” status from the NYC/DOH Bureau of Immunization. He has also inspired colleagues to work with the Union Settlement Association of Day Centers, where he serves on the board of directors.

Dr. Swarupa Rani Gaddipati


Dr. Swarupa Rani Gaddipati, Attending Physician/Primary Care Adult Clinic, New York Health + Hospitals/Gotham Health, Morrisania. Colleagues consider Dr. Gaddipati the ideal primary care physician for her welcoming attitude, professionalism and easy style. Her patients call her “Their Doctor.” Her professionalism is highlighted by the clinical results in Diabetes and Hypertension Management. And staff in the Adult Primary Care Clinic praise her for her demeanor is dealing with patients.

Dr. Haseen Sharma-Cooper


Dr. Haseen Sharma-Cooper, Director, Department of Psychiatry, NYC Health + Hospitals/North Central Bronx. Dr. Sharma-Cooper oversees several inpatient units, the Psychiatric Emergency Services, including Consultation-Liaison; the Partial Hospital Program, the ACT Program and the Outpatient Department. She is dedicated to ensuring that appropriate, quality care is delivered to the most vulnerable and underserved patients. She is respected for her scholarship, clinical acumen, tireless work ethic and collaboration with other hospital departments. She also serves as the Bioethics Chair and Credentials Committee Co-Chair.