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New Research and Education Committee Will Promote Academic Opportunities


A committee has been created to share research and education best practices and expertise, and seek grant funding for PAGNY initiatives. The committee’s goals are to support PAGNY’s faculty to explore research opportunities, expand academic activities, and provide guidance to gifted students and faculty interested in research.

The membership of the Research and Education Committee includes:

  • Dr. Balavenkatesh Kanna, Associate GME Director, NYC Health + Hospitals/Lincoln, Chair
  • Dr. Nora Bergasa, Chief of Internal Medicine, NYC Health + Hospitals/Metropolitan
  • Dr. Roger Chirurgi, Program Director, Emergency Medicine, NYC Health + Hospitals/Metropolitan
  • Dr. Michael Devita, Physician in Department of Surgery, NYC Health + Hospitals/Harlem
  • Dr. Sharon Mannheimer, Assistant Professor Clinical Medicine, NYC Health + Hospitals/Harlem
  • Dr. Ronnie Swift, Chief of Psychiatry, Harlem Hospital
  • Dr. Andrew Wiznia, Director, HIV Program, North Bronx Healthcare Network
  • David Hoffman, Chief Compliance Officer, PAGNY Corporate
  • Walter Ramos, General Counsel, PAGNY Corporate
  • Dr. Luis R. Marcos, Chief Executive Officer, PAGNY Corporate

Mirsada Cobaj will assist the committee’s financial operations, and Mollie Mar will provide grant writing assistance. Administrative support will be provided by Katherine Kreutz and Vicki Brathwaite.

With the formation of the Research and Education Committee, the opportunities for grants will significantly increase, providing PAGNY with a stronger presence in the academic community.