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National Doctors’ Day

Dr. Bijan Safai, President, PAGNY Board of Directors and Dr. Luis R. Marcos, Chief Executive Officer, PAGNY

On March 30th, we commemorate National Doctors’ Day—a time to celebrate the nearly 2,000 PAGNY physicians who spend each day improving the lives of our patients and advocating for the healthcare needs of the multicultural communities we serve.

Being a PAGNY doctor means a commitment to public service. It means treating patients as if they are members of our family and caring for our neighbors throughout all stages of their lives.

PAGNY physicians bring humanity, empathy and hands-on frontline experience in treating the most diverse patient population in the country who come to us from cultures and traditions from around the globe.

PAGNY doctors demonstrate a tireless commitment to improving patient satisfaction and ensuring the delivery of the best possible health outcomes.

PAGNY physicians are committed to research, training and education in order to bring the latest discoveries in medical science to the bedside. Our doctors are physician-mentors — unique role models for their students in the delivery of personalized medicine.

At PAGNY we are very proud to take this occasion to thank each and every doctor in the PAGNY family for your service, your commitment and your tireless dedication to your patients and the diverse communities we serve.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude and congratulations to all of our physicians who provide such excellent care every day of the year.

Dr. Bijan Safai, President • Dr. William B. Caspe, Vice President • Dr. Akinola Fisher, Treasurer
Dr. Rajesh Verma, Secretary • Dr. Leaque Ahmed
Dr. Chinyere Anyaogu • Dr. Stephen D. Apfelroth • Dr. Riyad J. Basir
Dr. Stephen M. Blumberg • Dr. Roger Chirurgi • Dr. Michael DeVita • Dr. Robert Faillace
Dr. Jeffrey Goldberg • Dr. Sari J. Kaminsky • Dr. Peter K. Kim • Dr. Paul Moh
Dr. Deepak Naran • Dr. Pardha Valluru • Dr. Luis R. Marcos, CEO