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Annual Residents Research Day at NYC Health + Hospitals/Lincoln

Attending Lincoln Annual Residents Research Day were (from left to right): Dr. Aijan Ukudeyeva; Dr. Luis R. Marcos, PAGNY Chief Executive Officer; Dr. Shirley Magabo; Michael J. Chambers, PAGNY Chief Operating Officer, PAGNY Chief Operating Officer; Dr. Balavenkatesh Kanna; Chairman, PAGNY Research and Education Committee; and Dr. Mohammad Faiz. Drs. Ukudeyeva, Magabo and Faiz submitted a poster on their research into obesity and hypertension.

New York City Health + Hospitals/Lincoln held a successful Annual Residents Research Day on May 26th, featuring more than 100 research projects that were displayed on poster boards for judges to evaluate.

“Promoting research helps the hospital, the residents and their patients”, says Dr. Balavenkatesh Kanna, Lincoln’s Associate CMO, Patient Safety Officer and Chair of PAGNY’s Research and Education Committee.

“Residency training not only includes physician training but also intellectual curiosity and engaging residents in scholarly activities,” Dr. Kanna says. “At Lincoln, we have administrative support to provide opportunities for residents to annually present the work they did for the entire year.”

Encouraging research also enables PAGNY to retain physicians by helping them grow professionally.

“It improves the quality of the faculty and the residents and the quality of the care we provide,” he says. “And you retain people because you acknowledge them. It’s a positive reinforcement for their intellectual curiosity. It provides a platform for residents to present and engage in scholarly activities.”

Posters displayed at NYC Health + Hospitals/Lincoln during its successful Annual Residents Research Day

Awards were given out in two categories:

Research Projects

1st Place: Effectiveness of the “Asking Saves Kids” gun violence prevention campaign in an urban pediatric clinic. Presenting resident: Dr. Alexandre Troullioud Lucas (Pediatrics Department). Click here for abstract.

2nd Place: Preliminary analysis of Broselow tape: Can we make it more accurate? Presenting resident: Dr. Upma Suneja, (Pediatrics Department). Click here for abstract.

3rd Place: Retrospective review of pediatric oral and maxillofacial trauma seen in an urban level I trauma center. Presenting resident: Dr. Marisa Daley (OMS Department). Click here for abstract.

Case Reports

1st Place: Headache and amenorrhea in an adolescent with central hypothyroidism and hypogonadotropic hypogonadism. Presenting resident:
Dr. Swati Sethuram (Pediatrics Department). Click here for abstract.

2nd Place: Hypocalcemic seizure as an initial symptom of severe hypovitaminosis D in a 12-year-old child with autism. Presenting resident:
Dr. Tornia J. Wyllie (Pediatrics Department). Click here for abstract.

3rd Place: Gastric carcinoma in a patient with HIV. Presenting resident: Dr. Vikram Paruchuri (Department: Internal Medicine). Click here for abstract.