Peer Support Sessions for PAGNY Physicians

In this extraordinarily difficult time, physicians need support from others going through exactly what they are. We honor your continuous efforts to save the lives of New Yorkers and want to offer you a few minutes of respite. With that in mind, PAGNY and it’s PAGNY Health and Research Foundation is offering Peer Support sessions every Tuesday at 12 noon and Thursday at 7:30 PM for the next six weeks. To join for either session or both, please click on the link below at the start time. Space is limited, and access will be denied 10 minutes after the session begins.

Each 1-hour drop-in session provides a confidential physician-facilitated group coaching forum where you can discuss areas of concern and learn from colleagues. Gain coping strategies from others in the trenches and from master physician coach Gail Gazelle, MD, MCC. Registration will not be required in advance so you may remain anonymous.


Link for Tuesday Sessions at 12 noon

Link for Thursday Sessions at 7:30 PM


Link to view a video on how to join a zoom meeting anonymously



Grand Round Series

Grand Round series sponsored by the PAGNY Health and Research Foundation, Inc. The objectives of these research grand round series are to provide our physicians and residents exposures to prominent national and international researchers and to create a platform for our physicians to share their innovations across our affiliated facilities and academic institutions throughout the country.

August 25, 2020
Staying in Balance

The primary intent of this training is to provide participants with a practical and individualized framework for managing personal and workplace stress. 

– Identify the physical, emotional, cognitive and behavioral signs and symptoms of stress.          

– Learn stress management techniques that can be practiced at work or at home.                    

– Assess their own self-care needs.                

– Develop a personalized self-care action plan to support their own well-being.

August 24, 2020
Psychological First Aid

When crises strike, people like YOU are often the first and best ones to help!

Distress is common after emergencies and psychological first aid can help

Psychological first aid means:

– Supporting people by listening to concerns and needs

– Helping where you can

– Connecting people to other resources in their communities


June 26, 2020
Clarity to Chaos – Professionally & Personally 

In an era where humanity is simultaneously experiencing unprecedented change, this webinar will focus on three key areas below. This webinar’s primary focus is to give people hope and understanding as everyone weathers these times of significant change. The webinar would intend to inspire people to:

1.      Navigating Your Now: Find peace in the midst of establishing a “new” normal.

2.      Resilience on the Rise: Strengthen their resilience – personally and professionally.

3.      Hope on the Horizon: Shift their focus on a positive future during challenging times.


June 15, 2020
I Don’t Feel Like a Hero: Overcoming Imposter Syndrome, Guilt And Perfectionism In Times of COVID-19

New York appreciates your tireless efforts to help our neighbors, friends, and families. Through the generous donations to the PAGNY COVID RELIEF FUND, PAGNY, the Health and Research Foundation offers you this program newly rescheduled to give you some energy and support to get through these trying times. This talk helps clinicians deal with the discomfort of being labeled “a hero” as well as feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt on the frontlines of this crisis.

Utilizing exercises, visualizations, and the latest in neuroscience and mindfulness research, we’ll dispel limiting self-concepts, build realistic confidence, and help clinicians understand what they need to do to be at their best right now.  Utilizing exercises, visualizations, and mindfulness research, we’ll dispel limiting self-concepts, build realistic confidence, and help clinicians understand what they need to do to be at their best right now.


May 01, 2020
Building Resilience:  Search Inside Yourself


Bryan Burns, HRO Core, Inc.

We so appreciate your selfless efforts going beyond the call of duty to save the lives of New Yorkers. PAGNY and its Health and Research Foundation want to offer you a program that might help you get through your exhausting days. The webinar is designed to offer you some tools to use daily to deal with anxiousness, interactions with others, and to bring you a few minutes of inner peace. 

Learning Objectives:  At the conclusion of this webinar, participants should be able to apply practical techniques to improve emotional and cognitive resilience, equanimity and inner calm. These skills are especially helpful to people during times of crisis.

To request more information about this Grand Round, please write to us at:  foundation@pagny.org 




March 30, 2020
Being Your Best Self in the best and Worst of Times

Jeff Black, MPA

As a national keynote speaker and trainer, Jeff conducts lectures and workshops with the goal of helping team members to make positive and memorable impressions whether they’re communicating with clients/patients, employees or the senior leaders. In his words, “communication is, and always will be, your greatest strength … or your greatest liability”. He will discuss the concept of physician presence and the use of the provider nomenclature, and ways to improve personal brand as a physician.



June 13, 2019
How to Stop Diabetes Progression:  “Blood Glucose Cosmetics” vs. “Pathophysiology-oriented Diabetes Treatment”

Prof. Andreas Pfützner, M.D., Ph.D.

Prof. Andreas Pfützner is Managing Director of the Pfützner Science & Health Institute, Diabetes Center & Practice in Mainz, Germany, focusing on insulin and insulin analogues, diabetes technology and medical device development. He is considered one of the foremost Endocrinology researchers and scientists in the world.



2019 PAGNY Research Day

On October 30th, 2019, the PAGNY Health and Research Foundation held its 4th Annual Research Day at the New York Academy of Medicine. The Foundation was proud to provide a showcase for studies and analysis conducted by more than 60 teams of physicians and allied health professionals from across PAGNY-affiliated hospitals. Attendees were able to view research summaries, data, and findings of all chosen projects, ask questions of the researchers, and network with PAGNY physicians, board members, and staff from around the city. After two rounds of review, a board of twelve physician peer reviewers specially honored three projects for their particularly impressive research, with the first place prize going to Dr. Christopher Wu and his team from Harlem Hospital with their project on the use and accuracy of step counter ‘wearables’ under various conditions. All three of the selected teams had the opportunity to present to the entire assembly, who also heard remarks from PAGNY CEO Dr. Luis Marcos, PAGNY’s Chair of the Board of Directors Dr. Bijan Safai, and Vice President and Chief Quality Officer for New York City Health and Hospitals Dr. Eric Wei.




Physician Wellness Centers

The PAGNY Health and Research Foundation, Inc. is making major capital investments in an effort to combat physician burnout by constructing Physician Wellness Centers at PAGNY’s affiliate hospitals. Wellness Centers have already opened at Harlem and North Central Bronx Hospitals, with plans already underway for centers at two other facilities. These newly renovated and furnished spaces support the health and wellbeing of PAGNY physicians by providing a quiet oasis away from the bustle of the rest of the hospital for physicians to meet and collaborate with others, complete medical charts, or relax and practice mindfulness. The centers are designed entirely by the physicians themselves to maximize their comfort and ensure their use. The goal is to have a physician wellness center at each PAGNY affiliate.

June 13, 2019 


NYC Health + Hospitals/North Central Bronx 






The PAGNY Health and Research Foundation recently started a mindfulness training course to improve individual PAGNY staff well-being. This program kicked off at Lincoln Hospital in late 2019.